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Why You Not Worky Here Web Developer with Mad Skills Needed

Why You Not Worky Here? Web Developer with Mad Skills Needed

If you dream, chew on, and fantasize about the following, you’re a person that we need to have a powwow with

Tomato Tips

Tomato Tip #133

Monitor traffic, even after the account is closed.

Tomato Tips

Tomato Tip #132

Everyone has an opinion, that’s why there’s research.

Talk To Me

Talk To Me!

Good design and designers can make the same item, be funky, be serious, be corporate, and be edgy.

What is Graphic Design

What is Graphic Design?

A friend of mine asked me once… ‘I know you’re a graphic designer, but what is that? What do you do exactly?’ I was taken off-guard and had assumed that everyone knew

Tomato Tips

Tomato Tip #131

Humor is memorable.

Tomato Tips

Tomato Tip #130

Prepare at a microscopic level – a small mistake still has large consequences.

Inspired by Sea Salt Yeah

Inspired by Sea Salt? Yeah!

I love my work! You get to learn about so many things! Yesterday at 3H I learned a lot about sea salt. In fact, we talked about it for an hour and a half. Which made my mouth water. So I had to go home and cook something with it. I made Mashed Potatoes with […]

Tomato Tips

Tomato Tip #129

Its important to have a design strategy

Tomato Tips

Tomato Tip #128

Early adopters don’t always catch the worm.


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