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Tomato Tips

Tomato Tip #156

Life is filled with uncertainties, don’t let the message of your brand be one of them.

Brainstorming - Focused Chaos

Brainstorming: Focused Chaos

Sitting in on a production meeting at 3H and listening to how the team is trying to come up with an innovative idea for a new project caused me to recall a video I had watched in my Design Thinking class. The video was titled “The Deep Dive” and was about the employees at IDEO, […]

Steve Jobs. Bravo!

Steve Jobs. Bravo!

Steve Jobs passed Wednesday October 5, 2011 and around the world people have written and spoken of the contributions that he has made to our world.

Tomato Tips

Tomato Tip #155

Open communication with your clients is one of the keys to success

Facebook Feature Overload

Facebook Feature Overload

When the hype machine steers the masses to decide they’ve been jostled and exposed and had privacy settings changed enough


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