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Brand Awareness Is your product winking in the dark

Brand Awareness: Is Your Product Winking in the Dark?

One of my favourite marketing statements: Having a product and not advertising it… is like well… it’s like winking in the dark. You know you’re doing it… but no one else does! Advertising your product delivers awareness and the fact is… awareness sells. How to build brand awareness? Get your brand out there! Converse in […]

Exercising Brands Shouldnt be a Resolution

Exercising Brands Shouldn’t be a Resolution

January has come…and almost gone, and with it, all the heartfelt declaration of personal and business resolutions. I totally understand personal resolutions, it’s the onslaught of  “business resolutions” and more specifically brand resolutions that have been making their way into my inbox that I really don’t get. I’m the first to state that Brand is […]

Business shouldnt get caught up in the social of Social Media

Business Shouldn’t Get Caught up in the ‘Social’ of Social Media

It’s so easy to get caught up in the number of “likes”a Facebook page has or doesn’t have… Businesses should ask themselves is the number of “likes” they have really all there is? Is it even possible to over value the worth of a “like”? We all know that utilizing Social Media for business and brands […]


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