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Ad Agencies Whats their specialty

Ad Agencies: What’s their specialty?

Advertising agencies are marketing industry specialists. Being a marketing specialist, they can easily learn and understand the industry which they have to “communicate” and in today’s environment, engage in. Advertising is about marketing. Marketing is about; 1) asking the same questions, regardless of industry… 2) listening to the answers those questions garner,  3) respect them… and 4) […]

Graphic Design Enhancing User Experience

Graphic Design: Enhancing User Experience

As I was drinking my morning coffee on a lovely Sunday, I came across an article online that really got my attention. It’s called ‘Graphic designers are ruining the web’. So much for enjoying my coffee. In the article written by John Naughton and published on, the author expresses his distaste for graphic design on […]

First impressions cont... opps... count

First impressions cont… opps… count?

We live in a fast-paced market…but when is good enough not good enough? With the new way of communication, technology has starting re-writing our language and the way we communicate, especially in professional communications.  That is totally acceptable, as language too must evolve with the needs of the society  it serves. It wouldn’t be the […]

The digital age of graphic design - What a computer can’t do for you

The digital age of graphic design: What a computer can’t do for you.

Paper and pencil, set square and drawing board: Can you believe once upon a time graphic designers actually used these tools to create? (Gasp) It’s true. There was no other way. With the advent of the computer, graphic design as a profession changed – drastically. Not unlike many other professions. For graphic design, creating on […]

Brand Recall Does your ad have a one track mind

Brand Recall: Does your Ad Have “A One Track Mind”?

Last week there was much talk about the Super Bowl and specifically, of the Super Bowl TV commercials, which is the reason for this post. Over the years, the Super Bowl TV advertisements have been conceptualized beautifully and superbly executed. They have made us laugh, made us talk about them around the “water cooler” and […]


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