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It’s a Pantone playground

It’s a Pantone Playground

Pantone. What a beautiful word. It just rolls off the tongue. As any designer knows, Pantone provides a collection of numbered spot colours that cannot be reproduced in CMYK. It is device independent, thus ensuring solid, accurate colour reproduction every time. Basically, it means “I want this colour – I get this colour.” Pantone guides […]

Its all about you - 3 steps to your personal brand

It’s all About You: 3-steps to Your Personal Brand

It use to be that Brand referred to product, but in today’s world, the use of brand has taken on new applications. I see a lot of reference to Personal branding and Inward branding.  In fact I just recently read an interesting article on about Donald Trump, and the concept of the human brand. […]

This spring its time for you to Branch Out on Facebook

This Spring, it’s Time for you to BranchOut on Facebook!

Just in time for spring, something new is in the air and it’s time for you and your business to BranchOut! When my colleague Sal mentioned that he had been invited to join BranchOut, I wasn’t familiar  with what it was. Was it a Facebook app? Was it a new network? No… it’s actually a […]

Brand Building - How to maximize Brand ROI

Brand Building: How to Maximize Brand ROI

We’ve  all said it before… but I’ll say it again.  Brand is so much more than a logo, than a positioning statement. These establish the brand premise and the foundation to build the brand culture.  A true brand must be bold, must stand apart every time it speaks to the consumer. It must always be […]

The right brained conundrum

The Right Brained Conundrum

Psychology has always strived to create measures for how to categorize one’s aptitude and behaviour based on brain function. “What’s your IQ? What’s your EQ? What do you see in this ink blot?” There are innumerable tests designed to determine how we as people think and process information. Mapping Psychology The cognitive tests, models and […]

Once upon a timeline - social media storytelling

Once Upon a Timeline: Social Media Storytelling

There’s no doubt that social media has changed the marketing landscape significantly within the last few years. There’s always something new; a new social networking site this year, a new app tomorrow, a new feature next week, a new enhancement next month…social media is constantly in flux. I think what makes it so successful is […]

Brand Recognition Colour me brand

Brand Recognition: Colour me brand

Our reaction to colour is subliminal. As consumers, we are generally unaware of the persuasive effects of colour. Psychological effect is instantaneous, stimulating the senses and power of suggestion. We see it in every level of communication: in corporate identification and logos, signage, advertising on tv, billboards, in print media and packaging, on the computer […]

Facebook Timeline Like or Dislike

Facebook Timeline: Like? or Dislike?

On or around March 30th, you may have noticed that Facebook has automatically changed your brand page to Timeline. While some were resistant to the change, let’s remember that if we don’t move forward, we get left behind and for brands on Facebook, hopping on board and getting to know the new Timeline is imperative.  […]

The big communication chill

The Big Communication Chill

Is the way we are communicating SAFE? Has the less “physical” interaction that we are now all adopting with so much enthusiasm curtailed our ability to develop  original thinking and thought provocative inventions and innovations?  Has being faceless allowed us to be impolite, rude and COLD? Humans have never been more “social” then in the […]

Jump how high The role of the creative professional

Jump… How High? The Role of the Creative Professional

Way too often, ads are filled with too much information and lots of copy. How does that happen? Why does it happen? I can almost hear the collective grumble from all my peers saying…. “Clients!”  But I believe that laying blame at the doorstep of clients, absolves us, the creative professional of any blame. I […]


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