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The Art of Bad WebCopywriting

The Art of (Bad) Web Copywriting

Website copywriting is an art of its own. Although it contains some traditional elements, it’s very different than blog writing, editorial writing, ad copywriting….you get the idea. However, more often than not, some brands/companies and even self-proclaimed professional writers don’t see this distinction. Here are the most common web copywriting mistakes: 1. Too much copy […]

Shhh your Klout Score is talking

Shhh…your Klout Score is talking

The other day my colleague Lindsay shared a story with us about Klout, a service that measures your online influence and gives you a score between 1 and 100. Apparently it’s been getting people up in arms! It seems to have the power to make or break careers, brands and social statuses …but how and […]

The Next Big Thing in Social Media

The Next Big Thing in Social Media

I might have said this once or twice before…but it really does seem like there is a new social media site gaining momentum each week. Some of you might be thinking “oh no, not another social media site! I barely have enough time to log on to Facebook”. It may seem like over-saturation at times […]

5 tips for explaining creative to your client

5 Tips for Explaining Creative to Your Client

As creative professionals, we all know that it’s not always easy to communicate the thinking behind design solutions to a client. There are several reasons for this. If it’s a new client, they may have yet to trust your expertise, or you have yet to earn their trust. Another scenario, is that the client may not have […]

Optimize images with SEO Heres How

Optimize Images With SEO: Here’s How!

Can images increase your content marketing results? Retain reader attention? Improve brand loyalty? Can they even help achieve better search engine ranking? Let’s look at Instagram. Instagram is a free photo sharing program that allows users to quickly edit and share the photos they take on their mobile devices and share on a variety of […]

Click here if you like Facebook Ads - A guide to effective Facebook advertising

Click Here if You Like Facebook Ads: A Guide to Effective Facebook Advertising

It’s happened to all of us. We’ve been on Facebook posting something on a friend’s wall about a specific interest, like tennis, and the next thing you know Facebook is showing you an ad about tennis rackets. That’s the power of Facebook ads – it lets brands engage and target people based on interests – […]

Internal Branding - Chocolate covered marshmallow cookie

Internal Branding: Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Cookie

I like to think of Internal branding as mushy on the inside, solid on the outside… just like those chocolate coated marshmellow cookies! Businesses must realize that their internal brand must be a focus and it takes more than a positioning statement on t-shirts or jackets to make that happen. It is no longer viable for […]

A Holistic Approach to Web Site Performance - 7 ways to Ohmmm

A Holistic Approach to Web Site Performance: 7 Ways to Ohmmm

In today’s market environment we want information instantly and that goes hand in hand with web site performance. We increasingly have a shorter attention span and more and more the concept of brand loyalty is taking on a broader definition than, say, a decade ago. The most relevant reason for all of these to have […]


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