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All hail the humble typeface

All Hail the Humble Typeface!

If an image is worth 1000 words, combine that image with text and the actual meaning behind the image becomes clearer. The variable of 1000 different words is reduced to only those that are necessary. This is not to say an image cannot speak on its own – many talented photographers, illustrators and artists can […]

Were going to brainstorm. Bring out the popcorn

We’re going to brainstorm. Bring out the popcorn!

Creativity is not a gift possessed by few. I can just hear the combined outcry from all CPs (Creative Professionals)! According to Jonah Lehrer, in his book “How Creativity Works“, creativity  is a thought process that we all can learn. I tend to agree with Lehrer . I have seen this in action where a […]

Brand CPR - breathing new life into your brand

Brand CPR: Breathing New Life Into Your Brand

Change is inevitable and as your business changes, so will your brand. With a lot of hard work and dedication to your brand, your customers might come to recognize you, your colours and your voice as much as your products or services. Depending on where your business stands you may consider a rebrand or a […]

Choosing the right Content Management System for your business

Choosing the Right Content Management System for Your Business

Is choosing the right tool to create your website a challenge? Depending on your needs and objectives, you could consider a CMS (Content Management System) as it allows you to create, control and manage the content of your web site without any programming knowledge. There are a variety of open and closed source CMS solutions […]

Grand Brand Identity Theft It could happen to you

Grand Brand Identity Theft: It Could Happen to you

How much of your brand identity do you own? If  you really want to find out, run an online search of your brand and see what comes up. Do all pages that represent your brand belong to your brand? When you run a social media search, what comes up?  Do all pages, accounts, profiles that […]

App-ealing marketing tips to market your mobile app

App-ealing Marketing Tips to Market Your Mobile App

Are you going app-crazy? How many apps do you have downloaded on your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or Android? Surely you’ve contributed to the latest stats that I’ve been hearing… to date, Apple has surpassed 25 billion (BILLION) apps downloaded, and 60,000 more added every month! I probably don’t need to tell you that mobile apps […]

Brand Product Placement - the video star

Brand Product Placement: The Video Star

Watch any big name music video today and it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ll see a few product shots incorporated into the storyline and with good reason. Now more than ever  brands are becoming more and more integrated in the entertainment industry with the emerging brand product placement industry. Nowhere is this relationship more prevalent […]

Boost Brand Blog Backbone

Boost Brand Blog Backbone

It used to be that the purpose of a blog was to state your opinion or viewpoint to those people who connected and linked with you…. so that like-minded people could join in a conversation and contribute to the dynamics of the discussion.  This is still true and very relevant today, however as a brand […]


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