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Olympic inspiration - The pull of emotive advertising

Olympic Inspiration: The Pull of Emotive Advertising

Even if you have no interest in sport, there is something about the Olympics that makes even the most athletically apathetic tune in and take notice. That something is the drive, determination and dedication of the Olympic athletes. These individuals train tirelessly for the opportunity to prove themselves at their most prodigious competition. As spectators, […]

Let the games begin Which Olympic Ad Deserves a Gold Medal

Let the games begin! Which Olympic Ad Deserves a Gold Medal?

The 2012 Olympics have officially started, but for months we have seen advertisements from Olympic sponsors. The most coveted position for an Olympic sponsor is to be part of The Olympic Partner programme (TOP). Being part of the TOP programme gives sponsors exclusive worldwide marketing rights. This year’s sponsors in the TOP programme are: Coca-Cola, […]

Behind every web site - Web Design Usability Principles

Behind Every Website: Web Design Usability Principles

Web Design isn’t about the layout, the colour, the look or the impact of a site.  In fact, behind every great website is a great web design usability interface. Success or failure of your website depends on user the web design usability interface. A website is your first impression out there in the real world… so […]

The 2012 Olympics Its a Social Game

The 2012 Olympics: It’s a Social Game

It’s nothing new. Throughout the history of the Olympics, the Olympic brand has been heavily guarded and its use tightly controlled. As have been the Olympic sponsors. But in the age of social media, has it become more difficult for the Olympic brand and the Olympic sponsors to protect their rights and control their message? […]

Put Your Best Face Forward - Choosing a Brand Spokesperson

Put Your Best Face Forward: Choosing a Brand Spokesperson

It’s all around us. Stars, personalities and with the Olympics around the corner, athletes, persuading us to buy into a brand. This isn’t anything new. In the world of social media and twitter, celebrity influence is becoming stronger,marketers are able to quantify their following and influence. The fact that many brands get celebrities to act […]

Tweet Loudly - 5 ways to make your tweet count

Tweet Loudly: 5 Ways to Make Your Tweet Count

How to Better Leverage Twitter for Business: Some brands select one social media outlet for their campaigns and do it well. For the most part that outlet is Facebook . Yes, it is a very effective tool for reaching consumers and running campaigns, but let’s not forget about Twitter. To help brands cut through the noise, […]

The Cost of Social Media Defining Success

The Cost of Social Media: Defining Success

Social Media is a wonderful thing… or it can be! It allows for a brand to engage directly with their customers, one on one… in real-time. It has an incredible and indefinable reach potential. With so much going for it, why is it so hard for Corporations to jump on board? Despite all its accolades, […]

Web 2.0 - Think Twice Tweet Once

Web 2.0: Think Twice. Tweet Once.

Web 2.0 takes the concept of Web one step further and makes the platform a network. Instead of just passively absorbing information, users actively create the information and engage with one another. Chances are you are already into Web 2.0…but just don’t know it. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and personal blogs are all […]

10 tips on how to improve your Search Engine rankings

10 Tips on How to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Improving your Search Engine rankings is key for your business to be found. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the process of getting free traffic from search engines. Major search engines such as Google and Yahoo have search results where contents on web pages are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers […]

A Brand Positioning Statement - Its your brands destiny

A Brand Positioning Statement: It’s Your Brand’s Destiny

 What’s in a brand positioning statement? In clear terms, it defines your company’s direction… and actually acts as a compass through growth opportunities and changing market conditions. It is the critical platform for all communications. Without direction or focus, the brand goes…. absolutely everywhere… and not in a good way! It seems very easy to […]


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