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To Market Research or Not to Market Research

To Market Research or Not to Market Research?

The Dilemma Many small to mid-sized businesses are often caught in a “To Market Research or Not To Market Research” dilemma and by Market Research, I mean traditional market research methods like focus groups, survey polls, etc. So why is there this dilemma? To nail it, it’s because of time and money. As a business […]

“Humble and Confident” or Weak and Lackluster - Microsoft Unveils New Logo

“Humble and Confident” or Weak and Lackluster? Microsoft Unveils New Logo.

On August 23, 2012 a monumental change took place at one of the world’s largest technological companies; Microsoft unveiled a new logo, the first new logo since 1987. This marks a significant change in the direction the company is taking. On the same day the logo was reveled, Microsoft stated in a press release that […]

Ready Aim Market How Targeted is Your Target Audience

Ready, Aim, Market! How Targeted is Your Target Audience?

Every marketing campaign starts off with two things: a brand and a target audience. Determining a target audience used to be fairly simple; marketers looked at demographics and psychographics and determined which groups would be most responsive to the brand. Who: is your target market made up of males or females? How old are they? […]

The Only Constant in Life and Social Media is Change

The Only Constant in Life and Social Media is Change.

Social Media change…what else is new! The only constant in life is change, and this seems especially true in terms of social media. It seems as if every other day there is a new platform that is coming into vogue and those that have been around awhile are changing to keep up. Once you finally […]

The Rise of Infographics - Old or New

The Rise of Infographics: Old or New?

The rise of social media has brought about many advantages: instantaneous and constant communication; the humanization of brands and stronger relationships with customers. However, it all comes at a price, mainly the diminishing attention span of users. Social media creates a constant feed of information virtually 24/7, resulting in people spending less time engaged in […]

Be a practicing Brand Yogi - How to brand successfully for the 21st century

Be a Practicing Brand Yogi: How to Brand Successfully for the 21st Century

Centre yourself, greet the new day and open to the vision: we will remain open, move with the times, bend and balance. When the agency and the Brand intention are in sync, harmony will follow. Branding for the 21st century. As we move more deeply into the 21st century and are faced with new technologies […]

Dont be afraid of the blog - A how to approach

Don’t be Afraid of the Blog: A “how-to” Approach

The internet and social media have created a venue for open marketing.  It’s called the Blog. No longer are “readers” designated to print alone. Reading is now accessible to anyone that has connection to the web. Social Media has enabled more people to read up on their points of interests. People are turning to the […]

The Spirit of Competition

The Spirit of Competition

With all the hype around the Olympics and some big name sponsors promoting the games, it’s almost impossible to turn on the television or look in a magazine and not see an ad that in some way incorporates sports. However brands don’t need to wait for a big sporting event to capitalize on the popularity […]


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