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Live Brand Live - Brand Evolution

Live Brand Live: Brand Evolution

Or I should say, “Grow Brand Grow!” I often say that I see a Brand in terms of a life – it’s a natural! We speak of Brands as having a product life cycle, we speak of their maturity and we carefully have to nurture them. In the height of social brand awareness, in today’s […]

Automating social media. What’s in it for you - For them

Automating social media. What’s in it for you? For them?

Social media usage is no longer limited to people just being social online; it is now a major tool  for marketing business and brands.  As social media becomes more important for businesses, most incorporate it within their brand marketing, and in turn want to make a good ROI. With the “newness” of social media come […]

DIY Marketing - Assessing its true cost

DIY Marketing: Assessing its true cost

Just how expensive is do it yourself marketing? In an age where technology has everything accessible to pretty much everyone the question begs to be asked… is this smart or not… and how costly is it? Today business owners can create their own logos, tagline statements, ads and websites all on their own. But like […]

A limited time offer - Step into their shoes

A Limited Time Offer: Step into their shoes.

How many times have we heard ourselves and those around us complain about how there never seems to be enough time? And how often have we walked down an aisle in a grocery store and gotten overwhelmed by lines and choices of products? The answer would be ‘countless times’. Then why is it that advertisers […]

Work Culture - Whats all the hoopla about

Work Culture: What’s all the Hoopla About?

With every generation comes a Corporate Culture evolution. As technology facilitates logistics and streamlines work processes, so too must corporate culture evolve. Every generation brings its own brand of innovation to culture. But Corporate Culture is not a one-way street. As corporations strive to accommodate the changing dynamics of the workforce, the workforce must step […]

Pinterest for Business in 3 easy steps!

Pinterest for Business in 3 Easy Steps!

When you hear someone say the word Pinterest, what comes to mind? In most cases your probably thinking stay at home mom, or even your grandmother. Am I right? The service is a little more than a showcase of favourite recipes and clothes. Things have changed. Many businesses are taking advantage of Pinterest’s highly visual […]

5 Secrets of a Successful Facebook Fan Page Revealed

5 Secrets of a Successful Facebook Fan Page Revealed

Everybody is still talking about Facebook and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Yes, people use Twitter to jib jab… but ultimately you need a home base for online social persona… and an extension of your website. A fan page is great way to connect with your users and a place to advertise […]

4 Must Know Ways to Build Traffic to Your Blog

4 Must Know Ways to Build Traffic to Your Blog

In today’s day and age there are tons and thousands of blogs and growing. So how do you drive traffic to your blog? This is the million-dollar question that everyone asks. Many people think that all you need is a catchy title about a popular topic, add in some popular search engine keywords and there […]

5 Sure Fire Ways to Distinguish Fake Twitter Followers

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Distinguish Fake Twitter Followers

Have you ever wondered how to tell a real account from a fake account? The tricks they use, and the game they play? Well you’re not alone. Unfortunately many fake Twitter accounts pop up everyday, some harder to spot than others. The downside to fake followers for brands is significant. The number of followers a brand […]


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