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Branding - Adding the ing to your Brand

Branding: Adding the “ing” to your Brand

The word branding is definitely a verb. It takes thought, intention and actions to turn a brand into a Brand. If you take a product that delivers on its promise, give it a great name, an iconic logo and a fantastic well thought out tagline, you’re set – you have the makings of a brand. […]

Social Media - A Reality Check

Social Media: A Reality Check

The social media channel: It’s the new channel, the new trend and everyone and every brand that doesn’t want to be left behind is jumping right on. Needless to say the hype is gaining momentum and believe it or not, has still not peaked. Like everything that is new, exciting and quickly evolving, there are […]

30 Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts

30 Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts

In the fast paced world of Social Media, every bit of knowledge to maximize the exposure of your blog posts is gold! I found this infographic very interesting and useful. Thank you LaunchGrowJoy.comfor sharing this.

Assessing Brand Creative - Its rational

Assessing Brand Creative: It’s rational

Listen up Marketing Vice-Presidents, Professionals, Brand Managers, Ambassadors and Gurus… I know only too well that it’s hard to separate yourself from the Brand you’re responsible for. After all, you work it, live it, breath it – 24/7. You understand it intimately, better than anyone else. You define its market and potential, watch its competitors […]

Big Fish... small fish - Does pond size matter

Big Fish… small fish: Does pond size matter?

The catchiest of phrases… and we all know it… “Which would you rather be… do you want to be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond?” I can’t help it. Whenever I hear this phrase, the image that pops up in my head is of a big […]

Ordinary to original - Great creative stands apart

Ordinary to original: Great Creative Stands Apart

What is original? In terms of creativity and ideation, “original” can be described as something new. But being original really requires more than just being new. It also implies standing apart as unique. It’s the combination of new and unique that takes us from ordinary to original. Why be original? Society likes originality – and […]

In With the New - Digital Marketing Must Haves

In With the New: Digital Marketing Must-Haves

Although traditional marketing and advertising campaigns are still effective, many programs and companies are now relying on digital marketing tools and approaches to implement their marketing strategies. In the vast digital realm, it can sometimes be difficult to identify which program, tool, network or approach to leverage to meet your objective. Marketers sometimes feel that […]

Flying Solo - A handy guide for the  Creative Single

Flying Solo: A handy guide for the Creative Single.

Sparking creativity or what is most commonly referred to as brainstorming, when you’re alone is far more difficult than when you’re within a group. The onus is all on you. You can’t pass the reins to anyone else and passively listen. Nor can you follow or jump on someone else’s thought train (as I often […]

In Any Industry - Content is King

In Any Industry: Content is King

There was a time, in the world of advertising and marketing that when it came to B2B marketing, the strategies were  quite different from B2C marketing techniques.  However there’s a shift that is occurring in the marketing world and it is all because of the emergence of the digital platform and yes, social media. Today, […]


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