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Social Media Understood... Heres the ebook

Social Media Understood… Here’s the ebook!

Social Media Understood: 33 biz-ims you need for social media success Thinking of making your business social? Not sure what it takes or how to get started. Beneficial to anyone or business with an online presence, Social Media Understood will assist you in your initiatives by leveraging your marketing efforts. Social Media Understood is filled […]

Seasons Greetings - Paper or digital - That is the Question!

Season’s Greetings: Paper or digital? That is the Question!

Christmas, Hanukkah and the New Year’s… unbelievable but true, the 2013 Holiday season is upon us and with it comes the annual dilemma: should we send a card via mail or should we send out a digital card? Maybe it’s because 3H Communications  lives in the “creative” world that we feel more angst about this […]

Decoding Colour and How to Preserve Your Brand Identity in Design

Decoding Colour and How to Preserve Your Brand Identity in Design

As a creative person, passionate about digital media, graphic design and the visual arts, colour has always been an important factor in my work. How colours interact with each other or to a specific object can be significant especially in design. The same can be said about how colour relates to your brand and its […]

Art and Design - Where’s the line drawn

Art and Design: Where’s the line drawn?

There are many questions in life that we are faced with that have yet to be answered. Some of those are: What came first, the chicken or the egg? Is the sky blue? And, is graphic design art? Most people have an opinion on all of these, but there remains no definitive answer. Ignoring the […]

Post Friendly - Your Brand’s Body Language

Post-Friendly: Your Brand’s Body Language

With so much of business communications today being in the written channel, and so much of it being immediate with Social Media, the tone in which a brand communicates with is increasingly important. We all know that so much of what we say really comes down to how we say it. The same choice of words […]


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