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Mobile Search is Fueling Small Business

Mobile Search is Fueling Small Business

The jury is back and the verdict is in, customers are going mobile. We all kind of intuitively knew that was coming, but the reports are now verifying what we already wondered. If your business is not mobile you are missing a whole lot of customers. What do we mean when we say mobile anyway? […]

The Retail Challenge - Getting Shoppers Attention

The Retail Challenge: Getting Shoppers’ Attention!

When we go shopping for anything from food, clothes or cars, we have a lot of choices, at times too many choices. Do we choose a brand that’s familiar to us or do we take a chance with a new one? How do we choose from all these different brands on the retail shelf… and what do […]

Promotional Product Marketing Can Reap Benefits For Your Business

Promotional Product Marketing Can Reap Benefits For Your Business

Despite our biological complexity, human beings are surprisingly straightforward and predictable when it comes to emotional reactions. The concept of honor, feelings of goodwill and being beholden to the person or company who gives us something for free is deeply engrained in the human psyche. Smart salespeople and businesses know this and have used it […]

Building Business Relationships - One Birthday at a Time

Building Business Relationships… One Birthday at a Time

I will start this post by saying that this is not a jab at technology nor is it a rant on how business is being conducted today. Promise! Over the last 5 years the way business is being conducted has changed significantly, placing a strain on business relationships. Technology has made business accelerate at warp […]

Podcast - Let your brand be heard

Podcast: Let Your Brand be Heard!

I was asked the other day what a podcast was, and as much as I’m well versed in that area I went back to look up the definition and did some research so that I could better explain what a podcast is.  We can’t call it radio station on the Internet anymore as more radio […]

Marketing + Design = Communication Success

Marketing + Design = Communication Success

Marketing and Design must work hand-in-hand. It really doesn’t matter if you have the best creative in the world; without a solid strategic plan to back it up, the message won’t see its full potential. Likewise, if the creative is overlooked for the strategic plan, the message won’t communicate what it needs to. Before delving […]

Christmas Gifts for Marketers, Designers and Business People

Christmas Gifts for Marketers, Designers and Business People

It’s that time of year again when everyone gets gathered for the Christmas holidays and here at 3H our office is decked out with purple tinsel, wreaths and a big tree full of PURPLE! Whether you celebrate the holiday festivities or not, this is the best time of year for gift giving. With all the […]

Google it with a plus!

Google it With a Plus!

How often have you heard, or said yourself “Google It”. Google has changed the way we socialize, the way we interact. It has made us become a generation of immediacy. No matter where you are, or who you’re with, when conversations turn into topics that facts, figures, dates, information is required, the it’s the norm […]

Go mobile... or go home

Go Mobile… or go Home?

I find these days that smartphones and iPads are attached to our hips.  It’s as if we can’t live with out them… we breathe, we use our mobile devices. It’s shocking to hear how many big named companies still don’t have a functional mobile site.  Whether you’re in the restaurant business or running a small […]


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