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Social Media Strategy After Tragedy Strikes

Social Media Strategy After Tragedy Strikes

It’s important to have a social media strategy. As Marketers it is important to get your message out in a consistent and timely basis; but how do you handle that when a tragic situation occurs within your community?   Does your team have a crisis plan in place within your social media strategy? Recently there have […]

Networking - Be Minty Fresh

Networking: Be Minty Fresh

Networking: Where Business Meets Social Networking should be an important part of your Marketing mix.  It provides a great opportunity for relationship building, brand awareness and lead generation.  Networking in itself can be a full-time job if you let it.  Time is a scarce commodity these days.  People are so busy these days that they […]

Quebec Heritage Brand Goes Social

Quebec Heritage Brand Goes Social

CASE STUDY: A Quebec Brand: Adrien Gagnon Part II A new Adrien Gagnon for today’s Quebecer! Adrien Gagnon, the Quebec Natural Health Products provider for over 60 years, found themselves losing their relationship with Quebecers. As such, they needed to reposition their brand to the Quebecer of today, providing a contemporary and youthful image. The […]


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