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By the numbers - Two Killer Tips for PowerPoint Presentations

By the Numbers: Two Killer Tips for PowerPoint Presentations

Some guy in a suit is yawning, another guy in the back is asleep, a woman in the front is reading notes, another looks at her nails and everyone else is checking their phone. And then there’s you, standing at the front of the room, nervous and starting to sweat, trying to hang on to […]

Brand Persona Its not about you

Brand Persona: It’s not About you

It’s hard to separate personal persona from your brand persona. If you are in charge of marketing for a brand or business you are probably passionate about what you do and how you do it. Being in charge of a brand and its performance can be intoxicating. However, like everything else in life, too much […]

Suffering from Brand Intimacy Wear someone elses hat

Suffering From Brand Intimacy? Wear Someone Else’s Hat.

Attention all Marketing and Brand Managers: We know our marketing and we know our brand. More importantly, we know who our target buyer, audience and groups are. That’s important and is what makes for great creative. But there’s a catch – we suffer from brand intimacy. By knowing so much through living our brand, day […]

How to avoid procrastination

How to Avoid Procrastination

I finally got a “round twit”. Sure it’s an old joke, I hope that it’s so old nobody has heard it and it seems fresh again and people will think I’m incredibly funny. But even if you don’t think I’m funny you may have guessed it’s a joke about procrastination. There are two types of […]

Juggle not Struggle - How to keep your work and life in balance

Juggle not Struggle: How to keep your work and life in balance

Are you finding it rough juggling your job with your home life? Do you struggle with your basic commitments, miss doctors, dentists, optometrists, appointments because you can’t seem to get the time off work? Even worse do your kids miss their doctor’s dentists, optometrists because you don’t have the time to take them? And what […]

Business Success - How to become a Rock Star at work

Business Success: How to become a Rock Star at work

How do you know when you are ready for business success? So you’re right out of school or you’re new to the market and you want to break into your field. But are you ready? Really ready? When after the umpteenth interview and the many false starts, or “almost-getting-it” jobs, you get “the job”. Finally, […]

Getting it Right the First Time

Getting it Right the First Time

A few years ago I was having a conversation with a photographer friend of mine. We were talking about business and giving each other tips on how we could become more effective.  At one point in the conversation he turned to me and said, “There’s always time to do it over but there’s never time […]

Quality Control - How to avoid BIG MISTEAKS

Quality Control: How to avoid BIG MISTEAKS

I looked up and high on the shelf in the Dollar Store was a giant eraser with the words “We Make BIG Misteaks”.  I thought it was funny and not so funny. Not so funny when you are the one making those misteaks. I bet Lululemon doesn’t think making misteaks is funny after their recall […]

When the Internet Turns on Us - Is it too late

When the Internet Turns on Us; Is it Too Late?

As most people have heard, former CIA technical assistant Edward Snowden became an overnight household name and acclaimed “whistle blower” when he decided to inform the public about a government database that collects our private information. Any analyst at any time can target anyone,” Snowden said. “I, sitting at my desk, had the authority to […]


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