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Farewell 3H Internship

Farewell 3H Internship

After four learning intensive weeks, I have completed my internship with 3H Communications. In my time here, I have had the opportunity to learn new programs, experience work from an employee’s perspective, and meet talented designers and marketers. The programs I have used in my time here include Microsoft office, Adobe InDesign, and Photoshop, all […]

Creative or Objective How to find the balance

Creative or Objective: How to find the balance

Quick… Pop Quiz Answer the two following questions with the first answer that jumps in your mind. Who is the most creative person you know? Who is the most objective person you know? Now think of those two people joined into one brain. Kind of like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde but they are both […]

Tips for Business Communications

Tips for Business Communications

Writing communications for business is a lot like swimming, if you don’t know the water you better stay out. How deep is the water?  What’s the temperature? Jumping in cold water… brrrrrrr…  jumping into hot …well, just ask a lobster. Rocks in the water? In case you didn’t notice, rocks don’t move. And what if […]

Marketing and Advertising In House - An Evaluation

Marketing and Advertising In-House: An Evaluation

Sales makes money and marketing spends money. It’s usually said in a snotty way and the person saying it usually acts all superior as if they have the secret to life and anyone who doesn’t understand is low, low down on the food chain. Say what you will,  those of us in the advertising and marketing […]

Emotional Appeal in Advertising - Whats on the Rise

Emotional Appeal in Advertising – What’s on the Rise?

You’ve likely heard the term “Emotional Appeal” before. Chances  are that a marketing teacher, co-worker, or boss has said that Emotional Appeal can be an effective technique to build a connection with your audience and make them interested in your product. And, well… they’re right. Emotional Appeal can sometimes be omitted or be unremarkable in […]

PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds

PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds

More Killer Tips on PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds This is the second time you are making a presentation to the same group. The guy yawning  in the back of the room has perked up. The woman gazing at her nails looks up once or twice. At least this is an improvement. Last time she only […]

The 3H Intern Comparing School and Work

The 3H Intern: Comparing School and Work

Wow! My second full week at 3H! In the eight days I’ve been here, I have already learned much about building a brand name, marketing, and using social media to interact with your audience. I’ve also learned how similar school and work are, and also how different they are. First, what’s similar between School and […]

One Mans Secret On Making Important Decisions


He was a big man and he smoked a big cigar. He was standing beside his desk, with his back to me, smoking a cigar and looking out the window at the city skyline. His presence dominated the room. That’s how I first saw him. That’s how I remember him. Big and in control. It […]

YouTube Commercials Dont Annoy Your Audience

YouTube Commercials: Don’t Annoy Your Audience

In my past blog posts, I stated the reasons why companies should rethink making their YouTube commercial stream before popular videos can be viewed.  I believe that video marketing can be a very effective tool.  However, like other social media, it can also backfire when done incorrectly.  In order to avoid the ‘hard sell’ on […]

Branding Is More Than A Brand Name

Brand Naming: What makes it a brand

 Brand naming…why it’s important. More to the point, what is required for a brand to become like the much covet name brands like Coca Cola, Nike and Apple? It seems that brand names explode in the market…and yet, most take years until they become visible and reach the market consciousness. It’s important to state here […]


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