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Trending on Trend Without Being Current

Trending on trend without being current

It’s difficult to stay on trend today. Within minutes of an event it’s viral. Next week it’s old news. And it’s not hard to predict. I can safely predict today that by the time you read this blog Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke will be replaced by another event that’s just as newsworthy. And there’s […]

Marketing How Subjective Is It

Marketing: How Subjective Is It?

The real question is “should marketing be subjective?” Through years of creating concepts and designs, I have realized when you ask someone their opinion they will give it to you… whether they are qualified or not. Most people either like something or don’t. It doesn’t matter if it’s a priceless painting like the Mona Lisa […]

Should You Create a Personal Brand

Should you Create a Personal Brand?

Big companies spend lots of money and effort to build their brands. Brands help their products stand out. Microsoft, Walmart, Volkswagen. We get it. We know what they do. But what about building a personal brand. Can building a personal brand help us to become recognized. Can a personal brand help build our careers? Build […]

How To Leverage From Facebook Marketing

How to Leverage From Facebook Marketing

Most Facebook marketers quickly realize that things aren’t as easy as some of these web articles make them seem. There is a lot of nuance to every different type of engagement method. So when you read about leveraging something in your favor, you need more than the gist – you need to get to the […]

Cut Words The Secret to Business Communication

Cut Words: The Secret to Business Communication

The Editor says “Cut” and in many cases rightly so. In advertising, professional writers must develop copy based on the media they write for. But you don’t have to be a copywriter to write strong copy in the day to day business arena. In verbal communication some words naturally roll off our tongues when we […]

Brand Building - A Page from Steve Jobs Life Lessons

Brand Building: A Page from Steve Jobs’ Life Lessons

“Life can be much broader. You can embrace it, change it, improve it, make your mark upon it.” – Steve Jobs I was reading about the soon to be released movie “Jobs” with Ashton Kutcher and this quote jumped out at me. So much knowledge packed into one simple sentence. I get it. I totally […]

Corporate Marketing - Is It Becoming Entrepreneurial

Corporate Marketing: Is It Becoming Entrepreneurial?

In today’s corporate environment the vertical integration of all marketing facets is fast becoming the norm. The adage of “wearing many hats” that was once synonymous only with entrepreneurship, is no longer. Corporate marketing is increasingly becoming, in their own corporate space, a marketing hub for their brands, services or products. If you’ve been following […]

Social Media - Its High Maintenance

Social Media: It’s High Maintenance

At the risk of stating the obvious, social Media is social.  It’s social and because it needs to be  interactive it’s high maintenance. It’s a new way of networking….for brands and businesses.  As such, there should be  a considerable amount of investment earmarked to be successful in this arena. The definition of social media differs from […]

Marketing Strategy - Put a Stake In The Sand

Marketing Strategy: Put a stake in the sand

During the course of my marketing career, I have seen many brands change their marketing strategy, marketing direction and marketing definition on an annual basis or even worse, more often than that! For those of us who have professed the art of marketing, it becomes second nature – even an unconscious behaviour – to resist […]


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