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Branding… Your Promise

Branding…Your Promise.

Your corporate brand and branding promise are both the most significant factors in running a successful and progressive business.  No matter what size of company you run, own, and/or manage it is crucial that you invest your time into branding yourself and your business. So what exactly is a brand promise? It is not surprising […]

Business ebooks - The New Sales Tool

Business ebooks: The New Sales Tool?

The proper definition of an ebook is: A publication consisting of text, images or both in a digital format. No longer is the publishing world restricted only to the print medium! In the business world, the launch of ebooks is a daily occurrence. They’re quick and easy reference tools that give a top-line view on various topics […]

Website 2013 - Maximizing Performance

Website 2013: Maximizing Performance

Gone are the days when having a static website was good enough – essentially showcasing an online brochure of  a business. The introduction of flash animation and all the other bells and whistles have also run their course, (thankfully going by the wayside) now becoming passé.  The evolution of websites and their role in the […]

Blogging for Business - What you need to know

Blogging for Business: What you need to know

Blogging for business has exploded onto the marketing landscape. Many businesses utilize blogs to promote their services and expertise, others to engage potential and existing client base, and yet other to generate sales leads. Regardless of the objective, launching a blog in the business arena is no small feat. Many businesses have jumped on the […]


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