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Leveraging Business Content Marketing

Leveraging Business Content Marketing

In today’s competitive market, businesses must get found. Once found they must be perceived as keeping up with the ever-changing business environment. Business content marketing enables businesses to have the right first impression. Striving for top of mind business and brand awareness is critical within an increasingly fragmented media space. Social Media has allowed everyone to become […]

Advertising Frequency - Your message will stick

Advertising Frequency: Your Message Will Stick

Advertising frequency is a huge component in the success of any campaign. Think about it: How many times do you need to hear a phone number in order to remember? Don’t answer… it’s a trick question. I have most of my numbers stored in my phone. Not sure about you but I don’t need to repeat phone numbers […]

Content Marketing for Business - 3 Reasons To Do It

Content Marketing for Business: 3 Reason To Do It

What is content marketing and how does it apply to building business and brand? A good way to start this conversation would be to reference the Janet Jackson song: “What have you done for me lately?”. Content marketing involves imparting information and knowledge with no expectation of return. In other words, it’s about giving back. Really? Really! […]

PR in the new media landscape

PR in the New Media Landscape!

As social media continues to change marketing landscape, one change I have seen is the convergence of marketing with PR.  In the past, if you wanted an advertising campaign, you produced commercials, print ads and maybe some billboards. If you wanted a Public Relations campaign, you used some of the more traditional tactics: a press […]

Website Performance - Take the Challenge

Website Performance: Take the Challenge

It’s no longer good enough for businesses and their brands to have brochure websites. Now websites have to work a lot harder – especially when it comes to establishing business creditability within the internet environment. An integral part of any solid website design is having navigation that’s easy to follow in order to access information […]

B2B Social Media - Its Viable

B2B Social Media: It’s Viable.

B2B social media marketing strategies are not only viable but a must in today’s market landscape. Many B2B companies opt for traditional direct mail marketing – that’s a good strategy to have. And I don’t want to suggest for one minute that direct mail is no longer a good use of marketing dollars. But what […]

Branding Bands - A Designers Perspective

Branding Bands: A Designer’s Perspective

Though I’m a big music fan, I’m not going to pretend I know much about the actual music industry. But I do know a lot about graphic design and have my share of marketing know-how. And I recognize that there’s a lot more to creating an iconic band than great guitar riffs and a good-looking […]

Brand Identity Value - Is it Dead?

Brand Identity Value: Is it Dead?

A recently shared post written by a colleague about branding promise hit a nerve among marketing professionals. Brand identity value has been a growing cause of concern and debate among those who are in charge of managing and growing brands. Let me say this: Branding is not dead. And brand identity value is very much alive […]

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

In our last blog we talked about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and today we are going to cover SEM (Search Engine Marketing)  and Google.  SEM is essentially the process of gaining traffic and visibility from search engines through paid advertising and unpaid advertising in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media applications and […]


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