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Success - Work Smarter, and Harder

Success: Work Smarter, and Harder

I was once told by a friend that success is to “work smarter, not harder” — what she meant by this, was that it isn’t impressive to be the last person to leave the office if it’s because it takes you 12 hours to complete a task that might only take 5 hours for someone […]

2013s Most Innovative Companies

2013’s Most Innovative Companies

Innovation can be defined in many ways. You can deliver innovative design or an innovative user experience. In any scenario, innovation stems from the desire to either create something unique and original that has never existed before, or to take an existing product or service and make it even better. Here at 3H, we thrive […]

Hiring for Social Media Consulting

Hiring for Social Media Consulting

If you’re a company that’s looking to hire for Social Media Consulting, there’s a lot to consider prior to engaging with a consultant. Understandably, without a clear understanding of how social media exactly works, hiring on outside source may seem daunting. For starters, and to facilitate proliferation, your consultant must learn how your company works… […]

Content Creation - Get found in 2014

Content Creation: Get found in 2014

2013 was a big year for anything and everything that was content, social and digital. There was much talk about responsive websites; on how Google changed its algorithms to include phrasing structure; and what I feel is the most important, is how keywords (SEO) have become a topic of marketing discussions. All this leads me […]

Brand Launch - In Social Media

Brand Launch: In Social Media

According to Socialnomics, 40% of Canadians were using Facebook or Twitter by 2010. By 2012, almost half of the population had joined social media sites. In 2013, it is established 2/3 of Canadians now use social media. These are facts to be considered when strategizing for a brand launch. These are numbers that brands just […]

Holiday Advertising from Coca-Cola

Holiday Advertising from Coca-Cola

As we all know, any retail brand that doesn’t get on board with holiday advertising is missing out. A lagging year of sales can be more than made up for within the last couple of months with a successful holiday campaign. Since the 1920s, The Coca-Cola Company has been doing just that – and for […]

Legendary Star Power - Chanel No5

Legendary Star Power: Chanel No 5

It really goes without saying that star power builds awareness. However, utilizing celebrities as part of a brand’s advertising campaign can be a double-edged sword. The more obvious reason is that stars themselves, especially in today’s landscape, are brands in their own right. They aren’t just actors or athletes, they too are responsible for their […]

Productivity - Write This Down

Productivity: Write This Down

Productivity means making active steps towards accomplishing something — not thinking about what we have to accomplish. What are we “putting down” when we “put it down on paper”: a current of thought, a torrent of emotions, the first incisions of a decision Flannery O’Connor said that she writes in order to discover what she […]

Retail Online Shopping - Whats new and cool

Retail Online Shopping: What’s New and Cool

Over the last 4 years, at Christmas time, retail gurus have been stating that online retail shopping has been increasing exponentially. The fact is, we all do it. At the speed of life and the demands of maintaining that speed, what’s easy and quick is what we gravitate to. Last year during the Christmas season, […]


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