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B2C vs B2B Whats The Difference

B2C vs B2B: What’s The Difference?

The ongoing debate on what the differences are between B2B and B2C can be endless. Here at 3H Communications, we believe that, fundamentally, there is no difference. Whether you’re marketing a product or service to a business or consumer, the questions are the same — it’s the answers that are different. We still receive each […]

Client Relationship Whats The Point

Client Relationship: What’s The Point?

We’ve discussed in previous posts the importance of strong and lasting client relationship building: regardless of what your marketing strategy is or how ambitious your goals are, the bottom line is that it is all done in vain if the client relationship building is not present. I had a conversation the other day about ways […]

Bell Lets Talk Day

Bell: Let’s Talk Day

If you didn’t listen to the radio, watch the news, or read about it online somewhere, Bell Media launched a viral campaign called, “Let’s Talk Day”, to raise awareness for mental health. There are a lot of note-worthy causes that are supported by big names, but this has by far gotten much more attention and […]

Search Optimization Less is More

Search Optimization: Less is More

When a business embarks on a site refresh or re-design, one of the key factors to consider is whether search optimization has been implemented in the content that lives on each page. Is the website complicated and busy? Is it intuitive and easy to navigate? While there are many elements to successfully creating a site […]

Is Your Website Social

Is Your Website Social?

Remember when all a website needed to do was to show up on the net? Gone are those days! The website growth cycle has gone through animations and music design all in the hopes of getting attention and to be entertaining… only to now being a part of the business’ sales lead generation and customer […]

Client Management The Art of Anticipating

Client Management: The Art of Anticipating

Regardless of today’s speed of business, I believe one aspect has remained essentially unchanged: Client management. It can be summed up in one word: Anticipation. I know some of you will associate the idea of “anticipation” with Heinz Ketchup. However, I have always thought of “anticipation” as a key part of building and achieving strong client […]

SuperBowl 2014 What to Look Out For

Super Bowl 2014: What to Look Out For

When companies spend $4 million on a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl — it only makes sense that they would also present teasers in the weeks leading up to the celebrated event to take place next weekend. The Super Bowl is exciting for football fans but it is equally as exciting for marketers and […]

Retail Space Consider ECommerce

Retail Space: Consider E-Commerce

The definition of retail space has altered over the last decade. It’s not a new trend for retailers to take their retail space and promotions to the online realm — for larger retailers, e-commerce is just a reinforcement to their physical plan-o-grams. What does this mean for smaller, more independent retailers, though? When a choice […]

4 Things You Need to Hear From Your Web Developer

4 Things You Need to Hear From Your Web Developer.

If you’ve been on the internet long enough, for something a lot more sensible than cat videos and pointless Facebook updates (say for instance, for making some real money) then you’ve also- on multiple occasions- come to that moment where you’ve had to get a website for yourself. Now, getting a website that actually works […]


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