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6 Design Tips That Will Help Your E-Commerce Store

6 Design Tips That Will Help Your E-Commerce Store

Anyone who builds an e-commerce store can’t expect to make money without a good fight. I’ve shown them some website design tips they should implement if they want to increase their chances of making a lot of sales. Anyone can build an e-commerce store because there are so many templates available these days. It’s a […]


Agency vs. In-house Marketers?

Are you a believer in the necessity of a true blue in-house corporate marketing team, or do you prefer working with easy-going agency types? How different do you think is the kind of creative developed by the people who sit closest to the source, versus those looking in from the outside? And is there a […]

Podcasting Your Next Marketing Strategy

Podcasting: Your Next Marketing Strategy?

What comes to mind when you think of podcasting? Do you imagine a vengeful geek complaining about the newest tech gadget failing to meet his standards? Or is it a comic book nerd narrating his newest fiction novel? Thanks to the innovative design and distribution of the iPod, what was once reserved for technical individuals […]

Brand Canada The marketing of a country

Brand Canada: The Marketing of a Country

Canada the good. Canada the polite. Canada the humble. Well, since the last winter Olympics… a subtle change has occurred in the Canadian persona. Since the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, Canada has been evolving its persona…still really nice, but a little more edgy.  It took the Vancouver Winter Olympics for the world to stop and take […]

Online Ads Who's Watching Clicking

Online Ads: Who’s Watching? Clicking?

So we put all this effort into creating the most informative and watchable online ads in the market, but is anyone paying attention? According to the Goo Online Advertising Survey conducted in January 2014 the answer is… not really. Unless they are especially entertaining. The survey focused on 2000 U.S. households of users over 18 […]

The Creative Process Adding Value

The Creative Process: Adding Value

Developing creative for a brand ad, regardless of the medium, is often fraught with many obstacles. The main one being that there are so many people involved in developing brand creative…other than the creative team, at times it becomes impossible to please everyone. That very statement should give all marketing and creative professionals pause. How […]

Keeping It Real

Keeping It Real

Over the last several years, we seem to be focusing more and more on reality for our entertainment. From Survivor to The Real Housewives to Big Brother… apparently voyeurism sells very well. The same trend has also been cropping up over the years in advertising. The Dove campaign for real beauty was highly successful and […]

7 Steps to Brainstorming Success

7 Steps to Brainstorming Success

Whether you are tasked to come up with ideas for a corporate creative campaign using a team of people, or you are just trying to generate ideas for yourself, the process of “brainstorming” is virtually the same. It doesn’t have to be an intimidating process and hopefully the idea of facilitating a session doesn’t strike […]

Powerful and Unique Ways to Promote Your App

Powerful and Unique Ways to Promote Your App

The app market has provided something of a gold rush for a while now. By providing millions of users with a way to quickly and easily download any piece of software, iTunes and the Google Play Store have created huge opportunities for programmers and marketers and this has led to an influx of games, productivity […]

Integrated Marketing How Well Do You Mix Match

Integrated Marketing: How Well Do You Mix & Match?

For any business, having an integrated marketing plan really is the best way to optimize communications efforts. Without this, you could be missing out on great opportunities to reach your target audiences. Relying only upon traditional advertising outlets like radio, TV or newspaper to generate all the buzz you need, just isn’t as effective a […]


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