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Social Media Profiling

Social Media Profiling: A Marketing Must

Your business or brand has been an early adopter or late adopter on social media… good for you! It goes without saying that today social media is and should be part of any marketing and sales strategy mix and rightly so.  Along with its popularity, from a marketing perspective, social media has opened the depth […]

Web Security How Savvy are you?

Web Security: Are You Savvy?

We are all out there: surfing, posting, responding, blogging and purchasing all on our very own personal computers. Our computers are an extension of ourselves and as a result we are lulled into believing or feeling that we are all safe – that Web security doesn’t apply to us. Think about this, the last time […]

Confidence for Creatives

Maintaining Confidence for Creatives

“Getting” creative Let’s start at the beginning. Long before you decided to get into a creative industry, at some point you discovered that you were good at it. Something just clicked and it made sense to you. You enjoyed it. Sometimes you’d even get excited about it. And if you were lucky, the people around […]

The All Mighty Business Website

The All Mighty Business Website: Should it Stay or Should it Go?

Is the almighty business website a thing of the past? Many are saying Social Media is where it’s at today. Actually anything social media, including content creation, content sharing, reaching out and blogging are all the new must haves for business. With all the hoopla about social media and the introduction of so many social […]

Social Media is Not Single

Social Media is Not Single.

Social Media isn’t single and it isn’t a couple either. It isn’t accurate to describe the Social Media space as one thing. Yet we are all guilty of doing so. Many of us, when speaking about Social Media, refer to it as if it were a singular item – even though all of us know […]

Digitial Holiday Cards

Digital Holiday Cards: A Decade Old

The holiday season is fast approaching and with it comes the decade old question, at least the biggest question around our boardroom table: Should business’ send out traditional paper or digital holiday cards? Believe it or not, it has been a decade (at least!) since digital greeting cards first made their debut. Over the last three […]

Brand Believeability

Believable brands: Walk the Talk.

Believable brands, do they exist? If so what makes them believable? At one time or another we’ve all loved specific brands. Brands that ingrain themselves in the hearts and minds of consumers’. Brands that evoke an emotional reaction from consumers on a deep, personable level. Does loving a brand, or caring for a brand also automatically make it […]


The Social Media Evolution: Is it Over?

The Social Media evolution has enabled people to think differently and perhaps quicker! We at 3H, spend a great deal of our time and energy in the Social Media Channel. It is an exciting channel that is evolving beyond our wildest dreams. Social Media shouldn’t be intimidating to any business and should be leveraged in marketing and business initiatives. It’s […]

Baby Boom Generation

Rant: Baby Boomer? Not!

The year is 2014, and niche marketing has never been so accessible nor marketed.  It’s for this very reason that I wish to discuss (or rant rather) about the categorization of the baby boom generation. I propose that individuals between the ages 50 to 54 in the year 2014 (born within 1960 to 1964) be no longer considered […]


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