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Marketing Pitfall 2_Not taking marketing seriously

Marketing Pitfall #2: Not taking marketing seriously

If you’re the owner of a business that is 5 years or older, you are obviously doing many things right. It takes real know-how to keep a business sustainable. Good for you – no, great for you! Many businesses never make it past the 5-year mark. So how do you springboard from your current success? How do […]

Marketing Pitfall1_Talking to Yourself

Marketing Pitfall #1: Talking to Yourself

The most common marketing pitfall that brand keepers make that I have come across is “talking to themselves”. I am not eluding that I have never fallen into that marketing pitfall myself. However, I believe after years of training against “talking to myself”, the lesson has finally kicked in! It goes without saying that most […]

Practice Business Love

Practice Business Love

Just in time for Saint Valentine’s Day, here’s a post about business love! Business love: Does it have a place in the work-life balance mindset of today’s business environment? There are many times while in the process of interviewing potential employees, I hear about the importance of work-life balance. Although, I rarely hear about the passion […]

Brand Maker or Brand Keeper

Brand Maker or Brand Keeper?

What type of marketer are you really? Are you a brand maker or a brand keeper? Is there a difference? Before going any further, I would like to point out that there is no shame in being one or the other – Brand and business need both. In the era of personal branding, it is becoming […]


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