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Business Casual

Business Casual: More than the clothes we wear

There used to be a time when you wouldn’t think of going to the office without wearing a jacket or a suit. Adding structure to your stature was a definite requirement. Business casual used to mean dressing down only on Fridays. I remember when ‘Casual Fridays’ first came about, people couldn’t wait for Friday! As long as what […]

Personal Branding

Personal Brand Logo: Some tips for Hillary

There was a time when brand logos were only associated with a business or product. Enter the age of social media and marketing opportunities have opened up. The popularity and ease of use of social media have not only created the option of having a personal brand, but it’s almost a necessity in order to stand […]

Request for Proposal

Request for Proposal (RFP): Isn’t there a better way?

For those of us in the service industry, we know too well the ins and outs of a request for proposal (RFP) – and what it really means for an agency. I have come to view an RFP as comparable to entering a beauty contest. The potential client asks multiple agencies to show them what they can produce – […]

Agency Experience

Agency Experience: Becoming the go-to guru

We live in a society that is age-obsessed. No one wants to look old. No one wants to be old. Yet, there’s no escaping it. Each one of is going to turn around one day and be ‘old’. Then we’ll ask ourselves, “When did this happen? How did this happen?” Of course those are just […]

Women Networking

Women Networking: Is it finally kicking in?

A little over 25 years ago, my mentor who was a decade older than me, philosophized that with every passing decade, things would get easier for women in the future within the business marketplace. The challenges I faced climbing the proverbial corporate ladder were nothing compared to the obstacles she had faced. Although I remember thinking […]

Web Performance

Website Performance: How does yours rate?

Website performance is often confused with how a website looks. Although user experience and responsive design are important the key objective of a website is overlooked. Not too long ago, developing websites and making them ‘live’ on the world wide web was a capability that was available only to web programmers. Today, with the phenomenal […]

Brand Publishing

Brand Publishing: Are you there yet?

Every day we see brands entering the world of brand publishing. Having a content marketing strategy is a must for any business, no matter what industry they operate in. Have you ventured in yet? If not, why not? The terminology may be different. How it gets distributed may not be the same – but brand […]

Brand Development

Brand Development: A Necessity?

Brand development is necessary for any brand competing in the market today. Regardless of the media channel or consumer behaviour, the need for brand development is still relevant. Brand means so many things to so many people. Yet, a brand should by definition be the same for all. But it’s not. Many people confuse Brand with […]

Creative Quiz

Think you’re cut out for doing creative? Take this quiz!

Here’s a quiz that will help you to see if you have what it takes to work in the creative field. There are so many ways to make a living in the creative field. How do you determine if you’re cut out for heading up the ranks in the business of creative? With the introduction of […]

Story Sell: Once A Upon A Brand Sel

Story Sell: Once upon a brand sell.

There was a time (in the recent past) when brand sell was all about showcasing features and benefits to an intended target audience. With the emergence of social media, the art of the brand sell has evolved to include a very real social component. Social media has made engagement and response rate some of the […]


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