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Celebrity Endorsements: Good creative or a cash cow?

It depends. If the celebrity fits the brand and the spot acts as a springboard to elevate and personify the brand, then it’s good creative. Last year, Matthew McConaughey was in the driver’s seat for the new Lincoln Motor’s (luxury division of Ford Motor Company) MKC. According to ET Canada, sales for Lincoln shot up 25%, […]


Too much “star light”: When brands burn out.

When is too much, too much? Have we reached the over exposure point? Nowadays we get “news” (perhaps a better word is “info” since whether it’s all “news” is often debatable) from so many different sources. We see the same celebrity on TV, on magazine covers, on websites, in commercials, we get them tweeting, they […]


Catalog copywriting: boot camp to kick your wordy butt!

25+ years ago, copywriting jobs were few and far between. Most people had no clue what a copywriter did. Things have changed. With SEO, Social Media, tweeting and blogging, the opportunities for a career in copywriting have exploded. Mad Men made it sexy. Today, it’s often referred to as content creation. A company out to […]

Social Media Culture

Social Media Culture: Don’t get outed.

Social media is not a single act … or a monologue. In order to achieve greatness (isn’t that what we’re all after!), a social media marketing strategy must embrace an internal social media culture. The use of social media must, and I repeat, must, be holistic. People want to know the ins and outs of brands […]

Business Writing

Business Writing: Is it enough?

As a skill, business writing isn’t new. Written expression has always been valued as a means of communication between departments within organizations. Few businesses can do without a key business writer. Many feel a new dawn has arrived for business writing, making it more highly valued and sought after. With the advent of content marketing, […]

Social Media Team

‘Over the hill’ for social media? I don’t think so.

“The advertising world is a young person’s game.” We have all heard this statement before – but is it accurate? Social media, although not in itself ‘advertising‘ has carved out its place within branding in an effort to establish brand relevancy. Similar to any other industry, advertising has evolved to include a ‘holistic‘ communication approach. Am I […]

The Marketing Function

The Marketing Function: Jack of all trades?

With the internet and social media opening up a new marketing dynamic, marketing function as it was is no longer valid – or is it? The business environment and the marketing function are continually evolving. What are the fundamental skills required of a marketing professional? The digital landscape has created a convergence of many disciplines. […]

Social Networking

Social Networking: Walk the talk!

Social media is here to stay. It’s a fact of life. Gone are the naysayers that insisted that it was a passing fad. Social networking is now the new business network and it’s thriving! Consider this: Facebook represents one of the biggest social networks connecting people to people, people to brands and business to business. […]

Social Media Engagement

Social Media Engagement: Takeaways from Mom

In a world of anonymity, courtesy of all the social media channels we have, it’s increasingly easier to develop a ‘sub-persona’ (digital persona) of the real ‘you’. Social media engagement has given everyone a voice for their opinions – the good, the bad and the ugly! There’s nothing inherently wrong with engagement. It’s actually very good. […]

The Digital Revolution

The Digital Revolution: All that glitters is not gold

Led Zeppelin had it right – ‘All that glitters is not gold’. More profound words were never spoken. The digital revolution has occurred over the last three decades. Since then, businesses and brands have rushed in (some more than others), to jump on the band wagon and be part of the curve. Well, it’s time […]


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