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Adrien Gagnon: Re-branding equity

Adrien Gagnon: Re-branding equity

Branding, Health & Beauty, Packaging, Promotion


Re-branding is a term we use when we are mandated to take a brand with so much heritage and modernized it and provide the groundwork for it too once again resonate with its market. This is what we did for Adrien Gagnon. Adrien Gagnon, the Quebec Natural Health Products provider for over 60 years, found themselves losing their market, their leadership and their relationship with Quebecers. As such, they needed to reposition the brand as a trusted leader in health and wellness with a youthful and contemporary image to reconnect with Quebecers… and that’s what re-branding equity is all about.

Target Market

Adult Quebecers, age 25+, who are vitamin and supplement users.


Rebranding and repositioning of brand with a new positioning statement and redesign of the logo.

Author : Miriam Hara

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