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BD Medical: Umbrella campaign strategy

BD Medical: Umbrella campaign strategy

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Deciding on what campaign strategy to employ for a B2B Corporate Brand is really about understanding the core USPs of each of the product and services it offers and delivers. More importantly, its integral to see is there is a commonality among all offerings. In the case of BD Medical the common thread was key to all their offerings and it was one that could be the cornerstone of all its communications. The campaign strategy was to develop this BD Patient Safety campaign which combined products and solutions from Preanalytical Systems, Medical Surgical Systems and Diagnostic Systems showcasing them towards hospital administrators within the emotional context of safety and urging them to chose right safety products for their patients.

Target Market

Hospital Administrators, Head Directors/Nurses, Microbiologists/Doctors of Infectious diseases.


Serial Advertising Campaign featuring ‘Patient Safety’ with BD Medical Products/Services.

Author : Miriam Hara

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