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CAND: Naturopathic Medicine Week – A holistic strategy

CAND: Naturopathic Medicine Week – A holistic strategy

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Canadians are increasingly seeking out natural alternatives to maintain their health and treat their ailments. The Canadian Association of Naturopathic Medicine (CAND) is the national organization dedicated to raising the profile of naturopathic medicine practice as well as supporting the qualified Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) in their practice.

As part of their strategy to increase awareness of Naturopathic Medicine and at the same time dispelling common myths around the practice, CAND, with the help of 3H, coordinated Naturopathic Medicine Week (NMW), May 9-15, 2016. Together, CAND and 3H first worked on strengthening CAND’s brand integrity, by defining brand guidelines, which aligned to the fresh look and feel that CAND wanted to project. A succinct tagline was developed to support CAND’s key messages throughout NMW and beyond, and a logo was designed as a visual reiteration of the tagline message and to represent the professional status of Naturopathic Doctors. An integrated digital strategy was also developed, which included a robust social media campaign; building momentum prior to the launch of NMW, encouraging engagement during, and providing ongoing information following.

To encourage all NDs to ‘get on board’ with NMW, CAND and 3H also developed a range of easy to use branded materials, all designed to make it easy and simple for the ND practices to coordinate and promote their own events for NMW, raising awareness at a local and community level.

Naturopathic Medicine Week is the springboard for the relaunch of CAND and Naturopathic Medicine as a profession. A full marketing campaign will be implemented throughout the year with the aim of projecting Naturopathic Medicine as the credible alternative to conventional medicine. Exciting times for a growing profession.

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Health conscious adults, Naturopathic Practitioners


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Author : Jayne Christopher Bintley

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