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Actikerall: A cosmetic approach to AK

Actikerall: A cosmetic approach to AK

Advertising, Pharma, Medical & Biotech


Cipher Pharmaceuticals mandated 3H to create a campaign to launch their new AK treatment across the Canadian physician community. With such a time-limited and sales-saturated target audience, 3H knew that their challenge, to stand out from the crowd, was even more key for the success of this campaign.

3H responded to this challenge by developing ‘Just Brush It!’; a pharma campaign with cosmetic appeal that highlights the convenience of this new way to treat AK. Through the use of beautiful photography and a fresh creative look and feel, 3H developed a campaign that speaks to the glamorous world of cosmetic-style advertising, while ensuring that the key clinical information is immediately visible.

With the ‘Just Brush It!’ campaign, Cipher Pharmaceuticals, in partnership with 3H, introduce the new generation of less invasive, patient-friendly AK treatment to the Canadian market.

Target Market

Physicians, Dermatologists, Pharmacists


Journal Ad, Sales Aid, Leave Behind, e-Bulletin

Author : Miriam Hara

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