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Windsor Salt: Educational videos build brand loyalty

Windsor Salt: Educational videos build brand loyalty

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Educational videos: There is no better way to demonstrate being a leader in a category than providing education to consumers so that they can be inspired to learn and to try new things. Windsor Salt employed this precise strategy, affirming its leadership position in the salt category while informing consumers on the different type of salts through quick, easy to view educational videos.

The growing trend of video marketing on various digital channels, and the scale of response from consumers continues to astound marketers. Having this research data, we immediately recommended that Windsor Salt benefit from this digital movement. Using information to explain and to educate on the different salt types allowed Windsor Salt to establish a relationship with consumers, thereby starting to earn loyalty. Furthermore, adding educational videos as part of the marketing mix in the  BRING OUT THE CHEF IN YOU campaign, enabled the brand to reach unlimited potential across all channels.

With variety of Windsor Culinary Salts such as Kosher, Pickling and Sea salt, it can be a head scratcher for the consumer to figure out how to best use these salts. We knew consumers would resonate with this series of educational videos. These educational videos were part of a more comprehensive digital campaign which also comprised of YouTube, display ads and Google keyword search advertising, strategically positioned to target millennials, new and existing consumers. As part of the strategy to increase the digital footprint, these educational videos continue to drive traffic to Windsor Salt’s web site and social media channels, growing their communities and contribute to maintaining and earning brand loyalty while engaging the current community. Watch them here!

Target Market

Millennials, home cooks, foodies


Educational videos on Kosher Salt, Pickling Salt and Sea Salt

Author : Agnes Borowik

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