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Elidel: Emotive Advertising

Elidel: Emotive Advertising

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Emotive advertising resonates with all target audiences. It touches us where it counts… in the heart, evoking emotions that are instinctive. When deciding on the creative direction for the latest Elidel ‘leave behind’ campaign towards physicians, 3H wanted to ‘instantly’ humanize the patients with Eczema to physicians. The strategy of emotive advertising was utilized.

Add children into the mix of emotive advertising and the results are off the charts! The campaign strategy began by reviewing Elidel’s main product attributes and USP; that it is for the treatment of mild to moderate cases of dermatitis and that it is ‘non-corticosteroid’ and safe to use – thus making it safe for the treatment of children.

With this in mind, 3H avoided the regular over-used and unimaginative creative strategy employed of showcasing eczema; using imagery of various eczema-affected parts of the human body, combined with unhappy facial expressions. 3H opted to bring a little positivity to Elidel’s latest campaign, featuring an image that had instant appeal and reaction…from both sides of the physician: the ‘person’ and the ‘professional’. We dare you not to smile!

Target Market

Medical professionals; physicians, dermatologists, pediatricians etc.


An informative 4-page ‘leave behind’ which appeals to the human rather than the clinical side of medicine.

Author : Lindsay Sleightholm

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