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Hayward Pools: Visually Stating Energy Savings

Hayward Pools: Visually Stating Energy Savings

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Developing a campaign to increase awareness of the benefit of Hayward’s Variable-Speed Pumps while also promoting energy savings and a significant consumer rebate is very doable in print or broadcast media. However, doing so for billboard media made this a little more of a challenge… which we loved! How to say all this in 5 words… or less and communicate the story of energy savings with Hayward’s amazing Variable-Speed Pumps. This campaign further solidifies Hayward’s market leadership position in Ontario’s marketplace. Supporting the mass media billboard campaign, a comprehensive keyword campaign centred around variable speed pump energy savings which targeted pool owners in key geographical areas was implemented. This allowed us to speak to the significant energy savings of Hayward’s Variable-Speed Pumps but to also feature the various regional rebate incentives available.

Target Market

All homeowners in Ontario skewed towards Ontario and Kelowna


Concept, headline, billboards, keywords

Author : Kyle McGuire

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