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Windsor Salt: Inspiring Foodies on TV. Watch it now!

Windsor Salt: Inspiring Foodies on TV. Watch it now!

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What can I do with salt? How many varieties of salt are there and how do I use them? That was our key communications around this 30 second TV commercial. The crucial deliverable was to highlight key quality features of several Windsor Gourmet Salts and to inspire foodies young and old. Targeting millennials and home cooks, new and existing consumers our vision was to spark interest by offering unconventional, never-before-seen salt uses, like salt-steamed haddock and salt-topped maple ganache tarts!

Presenting our “chef mom” as the inspiration to dare others to venture on the gourmet culinary side in their very own kitchens! Interesting and piquing the curiosity of viewers to ask… “Can I cook like that?”. The answer can be seen at the end of the TV commercial…and of course, you can!

The TV ad launched the new BRING OUT THE CHEF IN YOU tagline which articulates the vision… Building confidence in consumers to venture past their comfort zone and explore the many varieties of Windsor Gourmet Salts.

Target Market

Millennials, home cooks, foodies


TV 30 second ad

Author : Agnes Borowik

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