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Windsor Salt: Iconic Packaging with contemporary flavour!

Windsor Salt: Iconic Packaging with contemporary flavour!

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An iconic packaging Canadians know and love.

Let’s face it, there isn’t a truer Canadian product in the market that has more iconic packaging than Windsor Table Salt!  From its humble recognizable packaging beginnings Windsor Table has established itself as the un-contested leader of salt by creating a solid in-store line up that encompasses a complete family of culinary salt. Maintaining the strength and brand equity of the iconic packaging with its dots and recognizable logo, Windsor Salt’s branded approach to all its product packaging made the best use of its on shelf presence!  With the assistance of 3H and our food lover photographer, Ted Rodriquez, the Windsor Salt line up now has a more contemporary flavour! Each Windsor Salt Culinary Salt packaging features breath-taking photography of a vegetable arrangement. Colours pop out from the carton, with vegetable selections that make the taste buds salivate. All this, combined with streamlined graphics and new logo makes for a modern take on this iconic packaging. The new Windsor Salt packaging line up delivers on food appeal that guarantees its real-estate presence on-shelf and in-home!

Target Market

Adults age 25+, at-home chefs, food lovers.


Rebranding and repositioning of the brand with a new logo and packaging.

Author : Miriam Hara

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