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K-Lyte: New dosage, new media

K-Lyte: New dosage, new media

Advertising, Health & Beauty, Interactive, Pharma, Medical & Biotech


There was no faster way to build quick awareness of a new dosage format towards physicians and pharmacists than by utilizing a new media…sponsoring digital newsletter! This was a totally new media usage for the brand and and effective one. As we needed to quickly increase recommendations of the new K-LYTE® Potassium Supplement 10mEq format, an effervescent unflavoured potassium tablet we created a digital information page that viewers would be lead to when they clicked on the ad. The digital ad was creative… animated to mimic the product delivery. The results…amazing click-thrus and increased awareness!

Target Market

Physicians and Pharmacists.


New K-LYTE® Potassium Supplement 10mEq Print ad, Big Box online e-newsletter ad and landing page (French and English).

Author : Miriam Hara

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