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Windsor Salt: Merchandising during the festive season

Windsor Salt: Merchandising during the festive season

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So much about merchandising success is about timing. For Windsor Salt, the holiday season was the right time. It’s the best time of year for merchandising; especially when the product is an everyday household staple like Windsor Salt. Everyone knows about Table Salt, but there’s a lot more to salt than just Table Salt. Plus, it’s not just about flavour, although that’s a huge part, it’s also about the texture of each salt. Texture allows for many different types of food preparation and styling.

We set out to take advantage of the key cooking and baking seasons in October (Canadian Thanksgiving) and December with the task to develop easy to make, on-trend recipes, with dramatic visual impact. Our series of six recipes aimed to promote the premium line of Windsor salts by providing recipes that ranged from the traditional Turkey dinner to scrumptious gluten-free desserts. They featured such products as Kosher Salt, Sea Salt and even the ultimate in gourmet salt: Fleur de Sel.

These gourmet salts must be experienced to truly appreciate the different flavours and textures each one has to offer. To further enhance the merchandising piece and entice consumers to explore other salts, three eye-catching recipes were photographed in a way that made the salt visible and the end product a mouth-watering delight! Coupled with these beautifully photographed recipes were discount coupons for Windsor’s premium line of culinary salts. You’ll get sparkling results. See for yourself. Download these recipes here.

Target Market

Adults age 25+, at-home chefs, food lovers.


Recipe Card Booklet with Coupons

Author : Kyle McGuire

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