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Naturopathic Medicine Week – GET THE FACTS

Naturopathic Medicine Week – GET THE FACTS

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Spring is the time of year for renewal and reaffirmation. It’s also time for Naturopathic Medicine Week™. Building on the momentum started during the last Naturopathic Medicine Week™ and the November 2017  campaign, we provide The Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND) with useful tools to help their Doctors communicate and continue to educate the public, through social media and branding. The objective of shifting perception and elevating the profession of Naturopathic Doctors as a distinct healthcare system and a complement to conventional medicine which can treat any condition with a natural approach, was still top of mind; To that end, the tagline, Medically Trained. Naturally Focused.™ was a key part in all communication tactics. This year, during Naturopathic Medicine Week™ on May 8th to May 14th, we developed an 8-part series of short GET THE FACTS: True or False videos as well as informative social media posts to be shared with the public. As part of the mandate, we also created 3 short videos’ ‘talking points’ for Naturopathic Doctors, to support them in their practice and to demonstrate how they can do their part during Naturopathic Medicine Week™ and reap the benefits of working in a profession that is unified.

Target Market

Naturopathic Doctors, health conscious women and men


Social Media calendar, Naturopathic Medicine Week™ graphics, e-blast, video talking points.


Author : Agnes Borowik

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