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DermaCure: Communicating pain relief on a package

DermaCure: Communicating pain relief on a package

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Name ideation was the first step in developing the package design for this naturopathic medicine to provide clarity on usage and application. The word,  DermaCure (derived from latin) says it all:  “Heals the skin”. The next step was to develop the graphics and claims on the package which would conform to the naturopathic medicine government restrictions. Unfortunately in this case, the restrictions were severe, and we were not able to say exactly what the product was intended for.  This was a major hurdle to overcome. As a strategy to create understanding of the product usages,we developed the positioning statement of DermaCure, ‘Be Active. Stay Active’, promoting the end benefit and dosage usage all in one. As packaging communications needs to be clear, concise and offering consumers a quick read on the product, we added a call out ‘For those with an active lifestyle’, identifying the target market.

Copy and visuals always work together to make a stronger statement. To further illustrate who benefits from this topical treatment, we created one colour iconic illustrations demonstrating what being and staying ‘active’ meant.

What’s in a package? That was the primary communications objective we needed to achieve when designing the package. As consumers we want things easy and effortless. Understanding has to be achieved in less than 30 seconds and we did that!


Target Market

Healthy active men and women


Product package

Author : Kyle McGuire

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