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Windsor Salt: Step-by-Step Recipe Videos

Windsor Salt: Step-by-Step Recipe Videos

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Seeing is believing… It looks easy…it is easy. Why not try? As part of the BRING OUT THE CHEF IN YOU campaign, through these mouth watering recipe videos we extended Windsor Salt’s digital footprint as well as help aid new and existing consumers in their culinary prep and encourage them to try something new!

Videos are quite so popular with the DIY consumers…and recipe videos are even more so. When consumers are at a loss on what to cook for dinner or for an entertaining party, they turn to YouTube and start researching the various recipe videos available to them. Windsor Salt capitalized on this trend, offering original and easy to follow recipe videos. Original… how about Salt Steamed Haddock on top of Kosher Salt sealing in all the juices, served on a bed of avocado-mango salsa with a hint cilantro and sea salt? And as a perfect end, watch the Salt-topped Maple Ganache Tarts recipe video… we guarantee that you’ll want to rush out and make them!

Creating recipes from scratch is quite a lot of fun, and yummy too. The inspiration for the Salt Steamed Haddock was ease and convenience…dinner in less than 10 minutes. The maple syrup inspiration came from Windsor Salt’s deep Canadian connection and heritage… in time for Canada’s 150th birthday!

The challenge for recipe videos is to take a multi-step, quite involved recipes and make them look short, fun and effortless. Through light-hearted up-beat music, smooth video editing and mouth-watering food-styling, these recipe videos puts the joy back into cooking. Targeting millennials and home cooks, educating the consumer of the many uses of salt.

Featured on the Windsor Salt YouTube channel and on the Windsor Salt website, backed by a comprehensive digital campaign, these recipe videos are reaching new and existing consumers alike!

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