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Valeant: A sales aid goes direct!

Valeant: A sales aid goes direct!

Branding, Pharma, Medical & Biotech


The need to provide sales with a vehicle that would feature Valeant’s entire Dermatology portfolio as well as promote it’s unique Money Back Guarantee was the initial ask. The challenge: The sales aid would need to act as a detailed sales prompter for each of the four featured products.  The result and the 3H solution was to provide Valeant with a sales aid that not only featured the products, but was flexible in its application. Developing this sales aid as a cross fold allowed the four products to be easily featured within the vehicle, one at a time! This unique cross fold vehicle delivers on the mandate and more: a sales aid, leave behind and direct mail! Easily communicating each product’s benefits and features, as well as showcasing Valeant’s formidable Dermatology portfolio, assisted Valeant in its sales initiatives. As a result of its ease of use, this sales aid was also initiated as a direct mail program, adding more “legs” to the piece and amortizing Valeant’s investment!

Target Market

Physicians, Dermatologists


Foldout leave behind, Tear-off patient information pad

Author : Miriam Hara

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