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Valeant: Table Top Display: Show us your toenails!

Valeant: Table Top Display: Show us your toenails!

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A table top display always has to work hard to capture attention and draw consumers’ interest. Promoting education of a disease state when people are waiting to be called into the doctor’s office, makes the job even more difficult. The strategy to educate when people have the time to read is a good strategy, however, the over-cluttered environment makes it challenging. In this case, the use of the table top display acts as the vehicle for consumers to answer a quiz. With a strong call to action to pique ‘potential patients’ interests, the use of bold colour and a simple image of a foot, or rather toenails, is instrumental in the successful execution of this piece and achieving the objective of education. All who have a foot fetish need to take this quiz! Why not do it now?

Target Market

Adults 45+


Table Top Display, Quiz Leaflet

Author : Kyle McGuire

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