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Windsor Salt: Instant Gourmet TV Campaign

Windsor Salt: Instant Gourmet TV Campaign

Advertising, Food & Alcohol


Creating a TV campaign recognizing consumers’ hurried and rushed lifestyle was the first step in the development of the Got an Ingredient?  Windsor Salt TV campaign.  3H Communications tapped into the need for quick preparation recipes that are as spectacular to look at as they are delicious to eat. All anyone really needs is 1 ingredient… add salt…a little editing magic and animation and voilà….the making of a gourmet chef. Promoting the flexibility and the variety of  Windsor’s gourmet culinary salts on TV was a yummy mandate. What better way to increase awareness of the Windsor Brand and of their wide array of culinary salts in the core niche market of food lovers and foodies. A serial appetizing advertising TV campaign featured on specialty channels like the Food Network garnering recognition and development of the salt category.

Target Market

Food and Foodies, skewed towards Women 25-54yrs


15 second  Serial Ads

Author : Kyle McGuire

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