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Windsor System Saver II: Family Night in Canada

Windsor System Saver II: Family Night in Canada

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Nothing says ‘Canada’ more than hockey, eh? So, when 3H was asked to create a TV Ad which showcases Canadian families’ most trusted water-softening product – ‘Family Night In Canada’ was very appropriate. This creative approach resonates with our core target segment, family men – who else would lift 3-20kg bags – as well as speak to our influencers, women who run the household by featuring kids playing table hockey.

In this 30-second ad, Windsor System Saver II is clearly the hero… coming to the rescue of kids and their playtime… Progressive in style by clearly depicting the sister scoring and incorporating the next generation of homeowners, this Family Night In Canada clearly scores on all counts.

The lighthearted banter between the family members, together with the hockey sights and sounds, bring to life this truly Canadian family concept for a truly Canadian brand.

Target Market

Canadian homeowners. People who live in hard water areas. Families.


  • TV Ad
  • Sell Sheets

Author : Kyle McGuire

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