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Poor out-of-home advertising — the billboard may well be the most misunderstood medium out there. Too bad. Because it can be an awareness-building, brand-driving powerhouse. Talk to 3H. We can show you how.

Every time we climb in our cars and cruise the highway, we could weep at what we see. Billboards after billboard, overloaded with complex imagery. Groaning under the weight of too many words. The simple fact is, a billboard is like a poster. The more you say, the less you communicate.

At 3H, we love billboards. And we do them like nobody else. As a result, our clients get billboard results like nobody else. How do we do it?

Bold, Impactful Imagery

We sum up your brand and its key benefit in a single, powerful image. It may surprise. It may shock. It may be drop-dead gorgeous. Whatever it is, it’s memorable and meaningful. It communicates your message and it gets a reaction, writing itself instantly on the passer-by’s brain.

Your Logo

Your branding. If not in lights, it certainly plays a starring role on a 3H billboard. So, to sum up… A bold, impactful image, a singular promise and your logo. It’s that simple. It’s that powerful. And it’s what a well-conceived, well-crafted hard-working billboard can be.

A Singular Promise

Like we said, the more you say, the less you say on a billboard. This is not the place to enumerate the many glowing details of your brand. This is the place to distill it down to what truly speaks to your audience. So, if we say anything at all, we say it in a word or three. Maybe four. But our philosophy here is that less is always more. Of course, they have to be the right words. The words that engage the viewer and stimulate the desired response.

We’d love to show you our billboards. And we’d love to talk about yours! View our Portfolio. Give us a call. See how brilliant a billboard can be!


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