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Brand Identity

From effective strategies, compelling word-smithing and design, to high-powered media buzz, as your brand agency we can help you define your brand’s identity and generate brand ROI.

Your brand is everything. It’s the most important, most valuable asset you own. It’s how the world recognizes you and trusts you. It is your promise and your truth. What you stand for. That makes branding the single most important aspect of your marketing and communications effort, which makes your choice of branding agency nothing short of critical. Make it us.

Define Your Promise

Consumers will define your brand image, determined chiefly by their experience with it. In this social media era, the experience and opinions of others can also colour their thinking. But you are not powerless in this. You too can influence your brand’s public image by defining, creating and communicating a strong brand identity.

As your brand agency, we work with you to define your brand promise. We challenge ourselves and you, making sure your promise is meaningful, credible, ownable. We guide you in identifying the concrete unique selling positioning (USP) upon which your promise is based.

Designing Your Logo

Our designers live and breathe brand identity. These are senior creative people. Fine artists, but with tremendous marketing depth. With a branding vision that is holistic and complete, they develop brand identities that succeed in all applications and scenarios, from print to web to mobile.

Creating Your Identity

How do you look? How do you sound? It’s not just your logo and letterhead. Brand identity is about how you communicate with your public, every time, all the time. We help you determine the tone. We give your brand a visual and verbal voice. And we help you formalize the messaging that will give it the coherence and consistency it needs.

Communicating Your Identity

As your brand agency, we ensure that your brand achieves a high profile. As a full service advertising agency, as well as a branding agency, we put our complete and considerable resources — strategic, creative, production, research, media relations — we put every tool in the marketing toolbox to work for your brand.

We are all about brand: brand strategy, brand image, brand positioning… We propel persona. For a quick and easy reference on how to market your brand, download our ebooks: Branding Understood and Marketing Understood.


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