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Brand Awareness: Is Your Product Winking in the Dark?

Brand Awareness Is your product winking in the dark

Brand Awareness: Is Your Product Winking in the Dark?

One of my favourite marketing statements: Having a product and not advertising it… is like well… it’s like winking in the dark. You know you’re doing it… but no one else does! Advertising your product delivers awareness and the fact is… awareness sells.

How to build brand awareness?

Get your brand out there! Converse in media (social media, print, radio, tv… or all!), engage consumers by creating brand critical mass and prompting them to go to the store… checking out an online contest or calling in for a meeting. Advertising is essential in the marketing mix of achieving and building brand loyalty. It goes without saying that  you can only have brand loyalty if you have brand recognition and consumers try your brand. Advertising is really just about getting your brand and brand position out there… to reach the consumers who hold value for your brand or service. Social Media has evolved the conversation and has provided a new channel, opening a slew of possibilities in achieving brand awareness: interactive ads such as online banners, viral video and mobile apps. Your website is at the hub of all activity, whether derived from traditional or new media. All this ‘new’ is still cradled with basic marketing sense: the message still must be clear, the audience identified, the strategy must be focused and the objectives have to be defined.

Brand awareness initiatives along with a deep innate understanding of psychographics are the basis of how to market a brand, service or company. It’s imperative that your target audience identify with your brand, so that it becomes part of them, of their culture and resonates with their lifestyle. Simply stated… your brand needs to show up!

Miriam Hara

Author: Miriam Hara

Miriam is the Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of 3H Communications Inc., a full service branding and advertising agency. Her experience has enabled her to bring together strategic business savvy with an all-encompassing creative vision to product and service marketing, which she shares here, in her many posts. Join the conversation, register here. Miriam’s own brand of marketing experience and expertise is the basis of her marketing ebook series including Content Creation Understood, the most recent addition. Download it here. You can also find Miriam on Google +.

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  • Love this quote! And love the notion that our brand needs to show up (in broad daylight, of course). Also agree that our website is at the hub of all activity. Websites today have got to be social in order to be engaging. (I just posted on this: And there’s no such thing as people already being aware of your product. Because we have the attention spans of fleas. Otherwise, why would Coca Cola continue advertising? I work in nonprofit, and this is a sector notoriously late to the party. We’re not early adopters. So… many still believe advertising is evil and social media is a fad. There’s so much blinking in the dark going on, that you can (almost) hear the fluttering eyelids. And they wonder why more donors aren’t jumping on their bandwagons. It’s time to open our eyes.

    • miriam hara

      Thanks Claire for the thumbs up…. and I love your statement about so much blinking in the dark going on that you can (almost) hear the fluttering! I’m going to use that if you don’t mind. It’s not only time to open our eyes, but turn on the lights! I’ll be sure to view your post.

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