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If you’re looking for a branding advertising agency, you’re on the right page!

Whatever space your product or service occupies… B2B, pharmaceutical, consumer services or packaged goods… 3H is your best branding advertising agency resource. Because we understand branding. We appreciate its value. And we know how to assure its place in the hearts and minds of your target audience. From effective strategies, compelling creative and design to high-powered media buzz, as a branding advertising agency we can help you define your brand’s identity and generate brand ROI.

Here are some of the tools we use and the steps involved:

Brand Kinetix®

We believe there is magic in your brand, but when it comes to branding, we don’t rely on magical thinking! Instead, we apply clear-headed strategy and a disciplined process. We call it Brand Kinetix® . As an approach, Brand Kinetix® is all encompassing, merging marketing expertise, compelling concept and progressive customer relationship initiatives. It includes logo design, brand visual identity, positioning statements, taglines, vision and mission statements… They’re all part and parcel of the 3H process, and, at the end of the day, the result is a well-differentiated, meaningfully positioned brand, presented in a way that is both smart and artful.


As a brand advertising agency, we are open to research. And we have great research resources. When there is learning to be done, we work with our experts, establishing briefs with clear-cut objectives, contributing to recruitment and discussion outlines… And we have the know-how, experience and listening skills to turn research findings into effective solutions.

Brand Strategy

Who are you? Where are you in the marketplace? Where are you in people’s hearts and minds? Why are you there? Where do you want to be? More importantly, where do you plan to be? What will help you get there? These questions are fundamental to good brand strategy, whether the goal is to launch a new brand, rejuvenate an existing brand, or reposition a troubled one. Brand Kinetix® can find the answers, and set your brand on the right path.

Competition Analysis

A branding advertising agency absolutely needs to know. By assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your current and potential competitors, we can identify opportunities and threats to your brand. Competitive analysis is at the core of our Brand Kinetix® process. It’s at the beginning of every journey we undertake.

Let 3H help you bring your brand to life. Check out our portfolio. Contact us. Or, for quick and easy tips on how to market your brand, download our Marketing Understood and Branding Understood ebooks.


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