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A  Branding eBook: Branding Understood

3H Branding ebook: Branding Understood

What is an "ism"?

An "ism" can be an ideology, depending on what precedes it. Or an action or process or result... Or many other things. But a "biz-ism" is an "ism" as defined by Canadian marketing veteran Miriam Hara. Download this eBook!
The second in our series of eBooks, this branding eBook, aptly named Branding Understood, will benefit anyone launching a brand in today's marketplace. Drawn from an experienced perspective, and filled with seasoned advice, this collection of concise branding biz-isms gives you the practical information needed to help establish, build and maintain a memorable brand.
Miriam is the Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of 3H Communications Inc. Her own brand of branding experience and expertise is the basis of this second in a series of eBooks. With well over 30 years of strategic and creative direction at the corporate, category and brand levels, she has things to say!



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