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creating trust

Creating Creative: A matter of trust.

Clients who are involved in the client agency relationship do not realize that they have a direct impact on the creative their agency produces. We hear so much about agencies and their creative prowess and how ‘the creative’ talent establishes its reputation. But there’s hardly any mention of the trust factor and how that directly impacts the […]

Google Logo Alphabet Soup

The new Google logo: It’s an alphabet soup of opinion

Rah-Rah, Google! Give us an ‘E’ (but make it crooked!). Gotta LOVE that crooked ‘e’ in the new Google logo. It’s so Google! Irrepressible, playful. I hear it’s annoying people. They want to straighten it. Personally, I think it’s perfect. Think about it. Leaving the ‘e’ crooked speaks volumes about Google’s personality. Not everyone agrees with me, Twitter Users Think Google Copied […]

labour day

Why do we call it Labour Day?

Labour Day: why? We’ve all been celebrating the last hurrah of summer on the annual Canadian Labour Day Holiday Weekend. Officially (and sadly!) after this, summer holidays are over and it’s back to normal for Canadians. For Canucks, Labour Day is always the first Monday in September. But why do we call it Labour Day? […]

Common Sense

Common Sense: It’s not as common as you think!

What is common sense? How important is it in business? In business, I believe knowledge and experience make for common sense. If you don’t have both, you’re working from opinion. Common sense is a way of thinking, based on what you know for sure. You might have heard your grandmother say: “that girl is full […]

Creating rich content

Want to create RICH CONTENT? What’s your plan?

In life, we need a plan. To create rich content, we need a plan. There’s a lot of buzz around content and content creation. For those new to content and content creation, it can get confusing. What is content? In a nutshell: content = information. Rich content = great information. I’ll give you an example of what’s meant by content (information). As an […]


Value Added: where’s the value?

Is the concept of ‘value add’ or ‘value added’ overused? Perhaps it’s more correct to ask, is it misused? Has ‘value added’ become like the tipping issue? Many of us tip automatically, whether it’s deserved or not. Has the term ‘value add’ become interchangeable with just doing a good job, or simply meeting expectations, not exceeding […]

Don't Waste My Time

Don’t waste my time! It’s a question of adding value

Time is of the essence! More than any other decade, business is running at the speed of light, which makes the efficient use of time ultimately the most important element to control. When I first entered the advertising business, the industry was notoriously known for its fast pace and deadlines. Contrary to corporate marketing departments, […]

7 Things I Absolutely Need in a New Hire

7 Things I Absolutely Need in a New Creative Hire

To understand why I need what I need in a new hire, you have to understand the business.  Take it from me, it’s like no other business in the world. It’s not a tap you turn on and off. You don’t (in fact, you can’t) turn on at 8:30 a.m. and turn off at 4:30 […]

Team Building

One hat or many hats? Encouraging team building.

Earlier this week, I focused on you being the multi-tasking maestro as the business or team leader. It’s equally important to encourage your team members to multi-task. I’ll repeat my definition of multi-tasking. I’m not talking about one person being asked to wear too many hats and spread themselves thin. That leads to resentment and […]

Multitasking Maestro

Multitasking maestro? It’s dangerous NOT to be!

At least in the creative world and in the advertising business, multitasking is key, especially for small businesses. Multitasking breeds an inclusive culture and by extension, it builds a team. Multitasking demands sharing information, a crucial aspect in any business. The silo mentality — departments holding back, not wanting to share knowledge or information with […]


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